Hello world!

December 18, 2008

And i did it!

why? because i can!

so now that i can communicate with other entities that claim being through an entity that doesn’t, i was thinking of what to post first ??

but i wanna talk about lots of topics, lots of “stuff” so it’s totally unfair to assign the first post to just one topic, i think that for the sake of equality, one should either talk about everything in just one post, the first one… or never assign the first post to anything that has any relation to any idea in any universe (aka: lose the readers with some nonsense and get out without mentioning any clear thought that could be taken to be the idea of the first post…which i am doing right now!)

so i’ll consider it as that first lecture in a semester where you meet your professor and go like “Hello i’m who i am, see ya at the midterms, maybe at the finals, bye”


Hello! I’m Mizo, i like apples, see you later, bye!!



  1. welcome, to the world of tomorrow ! ..

  2. WahOoOo

    Finally , you made it , can’t wait till midterms are here 🙂

    Remember , you are tagged already 😛

  3. you know about adam and the apple right ?

  4. If you seek yourself..
    We’ll probably be waiting for more.. 🙂

  5. Since your first post is “some nonsense” as you say. We are all waiting your second one. Now that the second post is having all that attention I am waiting to see how will you deal with the “sake of equality” next time.

    btw, I like apples to (whatever Omar says).

  6. hahahahahahaha…
    it’s nice and I’m sorry for what I commented on other topics 😉

  7. sorry !?!…man a post without comments is like…a blog where people just read the posts and say nothing in return..

    isn’t that the same ?!


  8. mizo,mizo,mizo
    u r really different of how i know u.
    how come? I’ve never been wrong about anyone,no no i was abt myself..
    u seem… like i’ve never thought

    • yep…i usually get that response from people

      say hi to the other me 🙂

      • now am terrified of the other u,really am afraid
        donno how to deal with u,i really donno,confused so much,other u?can’t take t,am afraid i won’t be able to,got to think,u have to tell me which one z really u b4 t z too late…

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