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Game Over!

March 16, 2009

one of the exciting things about playing “network games” with the guys is that you don’t face a thing as “game over!”…the game just keeps going on and on till we drop dead out of hunger (of course after we have dropped dead like a zillion times during the game!)

“network games” is the phrase used here to refer to a group of dudes, spending the night killing each other – virtually – in a video game ( in my case it’s COD: Call Of Duty) played in the Multiplayer mode, usually on a LAN network not via Internet…which gives the advantage of your ability to stand up, walk a few steps, punch the other guy in the face to revenge him killing you in such a humiliating way! (the usual humiliating death-style is: you encounter the guy, start raining him with an endless stream of killer-explosive-bullets coming out of your up-to-date-all-pimped-up-gangsters-style-ultra-powerful-machine-gun… meanwhile, he walks towards you, laughing his guts out! and ends your miserable – virtual – life with one stroke of his knife!) believe me that feels more annoying and painful than the feeling of hitting your littlest tow in the edge of the bed on your way to the bathroom after you have just woke up :S

but i still love the game 😀 and each time i play it i discover a significant resemblance between the game and…real life!

i can say that i reached a conclusion that my life (probably yours too) is another more-real-version of COD! comparing:

the game style is usually about dividing the players into tow teams, your team and the other team (….. 😐 …..duh!) and the objective is to kill as much as you can from the other team and avoid getting killed, that’s in order to invade, capture and defend all the areas (marked with flags) which gives you control over the whole map! by that you (and your team) have won the battle, you go to another map, another battle, another set of flags and another set of lost souls begging for your wisdom of causing them evanescence!

through these battles, you gain experience, reputation and points that as you climb with your “level” you gain more weapons, abilities and “prestige”

i think it’s obvious and clear the match between that death-style, and life’s life-style…you wake up every morning, you have friends, enemies, and a few neutrals who if you get to know them better they’ll turn into either friends or enemies. you have a job to accomplish, a target and you would want to “kill” your enemies in order to reach your goals, hopefully with the help of your “friends”…most of the times you have more than one “goal” (flag) to gain control over the whole situation (map), by the end of the day (battle) you have either accomplished your goal, or lost or maybe accomplished some of your goals while missed the others…we can call it a tie 🙂

you wake up the next morning to another (battle) and so on, there is no Game Over!…no…wait…there is 😦

during these days you gain knowledge, experience and prestige, which gets you more useful tools (weapons) to help you in your (battles)!

the resemblance is just unbelievable! we are living a game dudes!

usually after we finish playing for like 4 or 5 hours, we walk out and start imagining that we still are killing each other, ordering air strikes and sending dogs! well, guess what…we really are!! only in a little bit different way…


the Mizoctionary: Dexter

March 6, 2009

this Misectionary is dedicated for the Mizords related to Dexter, a TV series

again…enjoy using it in your daily life:   🙂

Dexterb (v): To disturb Mizo when he is watching Dexter!

Dexterbization (n): The act of being a Dexterbizo

Dexterbizo (adj): which is the one who “dexterbs” Mizo when he is watching Dexter!!

Dexelsterbizo (adj): the one who is disturbing mizo while doing something “else” than whatching Dexter!

Dixterbizoism (n): a new school of thought embraced by the Dixterbizoists that says that Mizo needs to be disturbed in order to watch Dexter!

Dixterbizoists (n): a person who specializes in Dexterbizoism