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one master Mizord

August 30, 2009



Mizoism-part1-the disclaimer

February 2, 2009

upon reading THIS word you have accepted my terms and conditions and have successfully joined this new/old methodology of nothing-ness…The Mizoism!

before i start the act of using the air going out of my lungs along with some special strings attached into my throat to produce voice syllables patterned in a way considered as a communication standard between the human race under the name of “speaking”, i would like you to read this tiny DISCLAIMER that will guide you through using this…thing or “nothing”: (btw i won’t speak after it i will just type…)

  1. Mizoism is meant for certain purposes only. Any resemblance to real persons, things or nothings living or dead is purely coincidental.
  2. This disclaimer does not cover accidents, lightning, floods, tornado, tsunami, volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, hurricanes, and other Acts of God, neglect, damage from improper reading, incorrect line voltage, improper or unauthorized use, broken antenna or cabinet, missing or altered serial numbers, removal of tag, electromagnetic radiation from nuclear blasts, sonic bombs, crash, ship sinking, vehicle crashing, falling rocks, leaky roof, broken glass, mud slides, forest fire, or projectile (arrows, bullets, paint balls, water balloons, lasers, torpedoes), emissions of X-rays, Alpha, Beta and Gamma rays, G.W.Bosh, country music or seafood.
  3. Mizoism is not to be used in this, that or the other life. it is only to be used in “your” life.
  4. Mizoism can be used in any time, continuous or discrete.
  5. Mizoism is not recommended for children, elderly people, gays, vegetarians or lawyers! if that was you. use upon your responsibility.
  6. Don’t try to use it to talk orally, mental and physical health is not guaranteed under such action.
  7. Subject to change without notice.
  8. Mizoism is fuzzy, spicy and slippery when wet!
  9. im so tiered and sleepy now so…to be continued!