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December 21, 2008

think of the most naive creature in this universe… sheep!

i can’t believe how stupid are these beings! they are so stupid they used to let shepherds count them when they feel sleepless (i think that’s how we ended up counting sheep before sleeping) and then after the shepherd is asleep, what do they do??

standstill!! i say RUN you retarded stupid unevoluted spice of mammals  !! what are you staying for? he is not even giving you food, that’s why he took you outside, so you can eat without him paying!! he only will take off your wool and eventually…KILL YOU!!

but no they say…god they are so dump, and that’s what makes them so lovely *heart*…

a sheep!

it’s so funny how they look and act, it seems the ultimate goal for a sheep is to eat, they think (as if) like: “i should eat, by eating i will be able to live so i can eat more, so i live more, and eat more…”

maybe that’s why they always look vague and thinking away, cuz that thought will never end and the poor sheep can’t see that! of course in its mind that thought goes like “baaaaaa baaa’ baaaaaaaa baaaa baaa’ baaaaaaaaaaa…”

but have to say i found some smart sheep… in cartoon 🙂 i want to introduce you to a sheep that i like, he is called “shaun the sheep” and i’ve been watching him with my little brother on mbc3 (how childish ha?) i don’t know why are they wasting such good cartoon material on kids, i laugh my guts out watching this series, it’s very funny, cute, has really nice ideas and you can feel the stupidity of sheep in it…

i’ll leave you with episode of shaun the sheep: